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Tiki Calendar –
Polynesian NFT art

Tiki Calendar nft are a limited collection of 3,333 date specific Polynesian Tikis designed by world famous Maori tatau artist Tikiroa and stored on the Tezos blockchain. Each Tiki is made with over 150 unique traits of varying rarity.
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Features & Concept

Air Drops

We aim to have future airdrops to tiki calendar NFT holders and are looking forward in doing collaborations and giveaways with other amazing artists.

1 of a kind

There can never be twice the same image created and we also have 13 random super rare hand drawn calendar NFTs based on crypto currencies that will be randomly minted.

Handdrawn art

Original illustrated art works based of thousand years old traditional symbols and meanings by award winning Tatau artist.

God mode

Burn 2 Tiki NFTs and create a super rare TIKI GOD! Doing so will decrease the supply of Tiki NFTs and help raising the floor price!

Unique PFP

A representation of you based on the date selected with characteristics and trades unique to that date in time.

Low gas fees

Spend your money on art and not on gas prices.


We run on Tezos, an environmentally friendly blockchain that creates a smaller impact on our planet.


20% of sales will be used to support new projects and and other NFT artist on Tezos.

Who’s responsible for this?

TIKI CALENDAR collection was created world famous tatau artist Tikiroa. He decided to release his first artwork collection on Tezos as the most NFT friendly blockchain. Every single design is unique, mesmerizing, tells a story through Polynesian symbolism and are illustrated by hand. The TIKI CALENDAR collection consists of 3,333 pieces. Each piece is a combination of more than 150 hand-drawn traits of certain rarity, putting the possibilities into the billions. Traits represent the Day, Month, Year, Day of the Week and more! In addition to the standard algorithm, additional super rare hand drawn elements are hidden within the collection based on dates important to the creators.

Traits & Meanings

Learn more about the separate parts of each Tiki NFT and what they represent!

Tiki Calendar Map

Tiki Calendar Map
Day of the Month Month Year Day of the Week Decade

Day of the Month

This area represents the day of the month (1 to 31).  It is symbolized by one of the great Polynesian demigods.  Each Tiki has his unique island of origin, likes, dislikes, personality, favorite food and fascinating back story.


The month is a large and important part of your design.  Twelve different designs, one for each month has been hand drawn and includes many of the symbols that represent your unique date.


The year consists of the numbers 0 to 9 and represents the last digit in your chosen year.  These are very special symbols including the addition of a second tiki with his own personality and traits.

Day of the Week

Not only the numerical date is important to your one of a kind design but the day it falls on is also very important.  This area represents Monday to Sunday and uses 7 important grounding symbols.


The outside circle represents the decade of your chosen date.  Ten designs represent the numbers 0 to 9 and consist of elements relating to character and drive.


What are Tiki Calendar NFTs?
Tiki Calendar NFTs are a limited date specific generative artwork collection on Tezos using their own FA2 token.
How is the Tiki design generated?
Based on the date purchased our algorithm assigns design elements for that specific date. Over 150 individual design elements are used and represent your chosen day, month, year. Additional elements represent the day of the week, moon cycle and other secret elements of that day.
What do these design elements represent?
Each design element consists of traditional Polynesian symbols used in tatau and artwork. Each symbol represents a personality trait or idea. Combining the symbols tells a story about the artist, the wearer or in this case your special date.
What story does my Tiki tell?
Your purchase of a Tiki will give you a list of significant symbols in your design and access to the Polynesian symbol dictionary. Maybe you are a warrior, loves the sea and destine for greatness or a family man who provides and protects or an adventurer that sails where the wind takes them.
How do you ensure a fair distribution of these Tikis?
The contract contains a provenance hash (An IPFS-hash that points to a document containing a mapping from token ids to a fingerprint of the art).
What happens after I mint?
After you mint your Tiki, the tokens will be visible in your wallet and in your collection page.
Where can the Tikis be traded?
The Tiki Calendar FA2 tokens have their own collection on and can be traded there.